Has your dog been diagnosed with heart failure?

Nicole Wong

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Dear dog owner,

If your dog has been diagnosed with heart failure and is currently receiving furosemide (also known as frusemide, Lasix®, Diuride®) please read on.

I am a veterinary student researching the effects of furosemide on both you and your dog's quality of life. It would be most helpful if you would take a few moments to share your thoughts and experiences by completing the following questionnaire (please note UK dog owners only). This information will be useful to improve treatment in the future. All participants will remain anonymous.

Please follow the link:


Thank you!



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I know that this is an old thread but your link has never been available. If you are still around I can give you some information about furosemide.
I have one boy with failing heart valves and murmur and he's on meds. I would love to help you but survey states UK residents only.


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I have one boy with failing heart valves and murmur and he's on meds. I would love to help you but survey states UK residents only.
It is immaterial now as the link is no longer available, whether you are in the UK or not. But furosemide is mainly for human use and is no longer prescribed here [for humans] as it has been proven to cause pancreatitis. Which is why I was taken off it.

Unfortunately, once furosemide has caused pancreatitis it causes a chronic illness and can lead to pancreatic cancer.

This is in humans. I do not know what it would cause in dogs. I just know I would never give it to a dog as there are far safer medications for heart problems in dogs and my vet would never prescribe it for a dog. Just as my GP will not prescribe it for me any more.
You know this is why I am not posting on here and will leave the forum. Every time I make a post Tikki you are there to discredit anything I say.
I know it was an old post but you answered it.
Goodbye everyone.


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But if I do not answer it, who will? Who is bothering to post here now? That link was never possible to open. It asked about furosemide of which I have personal knowledge. Do you?

I did not discredit you - I have never discredited anyone but I do my best to help. Did your post have anything to add to the OP? You just said that you have a dog with failing heart valves who is on meds. No comment about furosemide. A medication I know very well.

Yes I will answer posts if I can, even old ones that nobody has bothered to answer. But only if I have knowledge of the subject. It is your prerogative to leave the forum. Just as it is my duty as a staff member to answer whatever questions I can. And to try to bring this forum to life.

I wish you and your two senior boys well and hope that the one with heart problems will be helped with the medication he has to take.