Harness or collar for a Houdini


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My Mia has broken free from every harness and collar I have tried. That would be a regular standard collar, a chain collar (I though she would hurt herself with that one) and a Harness I forget the name, the hook is under neck instead of on back). Looking for suggestions for a good collar / harness to use to walk her. I see some that are sort of like a coat that wraps around the dog... They look good, but use Velcro and I jut do not see how that would hold her.

She gets soo excited and has nipped once. I know training is the key and am looking into click training, but I need assurance that she cannot get free while we are training.

Thanks for suggestions!

I've had two Houdini Dachshunds.

The harnes works better than the collar, but you need to learn technique.

They get out once they learn they can face you, duck their heads, and pull back. You've got to be quick and keep slack in the leash, or else they'll escape.

I've tried a number of collars and harnesses, and the dogs have been able to figure them all out. I've not used a choke collar, but we've got one that is a semi-choke. It is mostly fabric with a little chain. They have escaped that, and I'm not willing to go full-choke.

Once I learned to leave slack, I've been successful in defeating the escape/disappearing act.