Harness for my daxie,


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I have been looking for a harness for my minature daxie, but cant seem to find one anywhere that fits her properly, any people out there in the uk, can help me out where i can get one from, thank you x x:)


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you may also want to look into something like a vest harness if your dog is a puller (although training would be even better). Vest harnesses provide a lot of support.


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Hi I got mine off ebay:

*** SMALL PET DOG PUPPY HARNESS & LEASH LEAD ADJUST *** on eBay (end time 02-Jan-11 17:19:55 GMT)

It has fitted my mini wire since 12 wks to present at 8 mths, adjustable and very reasonably priced. :)
I bought this because I had know idea how big he was going to get, or quickly he would grow out of it. Not sure it will be the best for when he is fully grown, but has been more than adequate & comfortable whilst he has been so growing .

I do like the look of the buddy one as well. :)