Greetings from the Ohio Valley!


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I, too, rescued my Dusty Dawg nearly a year ago and still can't figure out, for the life of me why anyone would give up this awesome dog, or any dog, esp a purebred doxie, at all! He's now 4, I'm guessing (they said he was 3 when I got him), and the laziest dog I've ever seen! He sleeps about 85+% of the time but I can see why...when he's awake, he's a little nutcase! LOL Would wear me out too, I guess!
I raised my mom's long-haired mini as well and last year, I moved and missed Tesla terribly, wanted one for myself but only wanted it if it was a rescue! We learned, after my mom bought Tessie as a baby at Petland, that most pet stores get their puppies from mills and besides, all dogs need deserve a home, don't they? I really didn't want a puppy anyway...wanted a good slightly-older-model low-rider! He came with some issues, as many of them do, but we've managed to calm his skittishness of men...he's still territorial around male dogs though. Trying to figure out how to alleviate that problem, if it's even possible!
So...I'm here for advice and tips as well!
Dusty is adorable! Booth my Doxie's are rescues, (all 5 of my dogs are rescues actually) I'm good with issues, I have dealt with alot of aggression issues, and fear issues, because I prefer to adopt the ones with issues (who needs a perfect dog right? LOL)

I hope you like this forum!