Gracie, Oslow, & Yet-to-be-named DD Rescue. :)


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Some of you may have seen my thread previously about a little double dapple pup that needed a home... well, he is now a proud member of the jasugar clan. :) We have three dachshunds. I will introduce them individually!

First is Gracie, our eldest. She is a beautiful red miniature (who is straddling the miniature weight fence, she got so big!). She's a scaredy dog who must have her humans outside with her at night to go potty. :rolleyes: Love her to death, though.


Then there's Oslow, my little man! He's a beautiful little dapple miniature, my proud little strutting boy. He runs the show for sure, but in a loving way. He's about the sweetest pup in the world... and sleeps in some of the FUNNIEST positions!



Then... introducing the newest member of the family, a little double dapple I rescued from some careless & unlearned breeders (I could go on all day). He's partially blind in both eyes, one is worse than the other. One of his eyeballs is smaller than the other, but his hearing is sharp as a tack. He's the sweetest little boy ever - just loves attention & kisses. I'm so very very happy the breeder agreed to give him to me rather than face whatever fate he would've had to endure there as a "blind unsellable puppy". He's just precious & I'm so thrilled.


So there they are! My dachshund pack! I'm Jasmine, by the way. I'm 21. I work at a pet store & I love animals more than one should. :)
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For rescuing this little pup! I have 2 Double Dapples, Mouse and Boo are both completely deaf and somewhat sight impaired. Mouse has extreme light sensitivity, as well as being mostly blind in one eye, and Boo is very nearsighted, so his signs have to close to his face, or by touch.

Hears a sweet little video of a deaf/blind little Doxie playing with her ball... they certainly can have great lives, even when so severely disabled.
[ame=]YouTube - Keller plays ball[/ame]

You will have an easier time of it, though as he can hear.

Here are my two little Doubles. Mouse is the one on the left, Boo is the one on the right. You can see how weird Mouse's right eye is, it almost looks as if she has 2 pupils. He other eye has a dropped and starburst pupil. Boo has both dropped and starburst pupils.

And this one is all 5 of my dogs together
Tears in my eyes after reading your reply... I just have such a soft spot for double dapples and, working at a pet store, always talk about and explain the genetics to anyone who purchases a dachshund from us, dapple or not. (Our little red has some dapple in her bloodline that doesn't 'show up', hence why we didn't breed her with Oslow!) Your two are beautiful & it makes me so happy to be able to give my new little boy a happy life full of other little doxies to follow around. :)

When the breeder was still deciding whether or not she was going to give the little double dapple to me (I told her she wouldn't be able to sell it, and I'll be darned if I'll let her put him down) I showed youtube videos of blind/deaf double dapples to my boyfriend and just cried saying "seeee, there's nothing wrong with him. he'll be happy. i can't let him die." Haha. I was a mess.

I'm so happy he's mine now though! Thank you for sharing your little ones with me, if you have any tips on training and making his life easier, please let me know! I've been reading about it & will be taking him to a dog ophthalmologist within the next few weeks to diagnose his exact eye problems so I can make things easier for him. So far, I've put bells on Gracie & Oslow's collars so he can follow their sound. :) I'm excited to learn about what I can do for him!
your dachshunds are beautiful and you are a wonderful person for giving your new fella a home

congrats on your new addition :D
Well, because he can hear, training will be similar to what you do with a "normal" dog. And as he may have limited vision, you might just have a fairly "normal" dog.

Some tips though. Put baby gates up anywhere where he may injure himself (stairs, for example) The bells are a good idea, but you probably dont need them, as he'll learn to pinpoint your other dogs by smell, but as he's a baby, he may need the extra help. Dont spoil or treat him any different from your other dogs, he doesn't know he's any different, and needs rules and guidelines like any other dog. Pick up after yourself, dont leave things laying around he may trip over, or otherwise bump into, you dont want him to become cautious. and train him to follow you on walks, if he stays right behind you, he wont bump into anything. Also it's best to teach a solid stop, or freeze, as a safety measure.

Blind dogs are totally different from deaf dogs, so I'm not all that knowledgeable, but that is stuff I've picked up from people on our deaf dog yahoo group (alot of people with deaf dogs have blind, or deaf and blind ones too)

And finally ENJOY him! he's going to be a great little guy!!!

oh and more pics please!!!
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Thank you for all your help, DeafDogs. It's always appreciated.

By the way, named the little DD! His name is officially Bugatti. Yes, after the car. The boyfriend had a hand in that name. Haha.