g' day fellow Doxi Lovers!


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Looking for like individuals for that funniest breed around! They are so cool! Love my boys, Avro and Hunter!

Avro is actually my second Doxi. My first, Zepplin, met an unfortunate end to my horse. Lack of respect for horses on my part... I will never forget and if there were any way to take back time, I would in a heartbeat... sniff. My partner, Rick needed to have another a few months later so that's when Avro came to be. I knew the risks of Double Dapples, did my research, and decided to be an advocate against bad breeders who do this only for the money. Have never looked back... Avro has some vision problems but I play games with him where he has to use his eyes and so far so good! Hunter, I adopted this summer from a local lady who was afraid that he would be aggressive toward her new baby... I got him for free. I don't know what she was thinking, he's the sweetest little Doxi ever. He was extreamly overweight and was so fat his fur stuck out like a porcupine... poor thing. Watching what he eats and limit his food and go for lots and lots of walks... he's finally getting wrinkles!

I learned this past summer about a group called "Earth Dogs". This is a group that promotes what the breed was actually used for in the beginning. Hunting small burrowing quarry. They have a small maze of man made tunnels with a "tea" made from the shavings of small rodents. There are certain behaviors that need to be seen in order to pass on to the next level. I've met a few other Doxi owners and some share my interest with me. I'm hoping that this spring, I can find someone who does this and learn and be able to teach not only to my dogs but others as well. It's CKC recognized, but you don't have to be a registered breeder. There are 3 levels. So far Avro is a natural, Hunter, well, he's still waiting for his next meal, but he's getting better.

I have a new page on FB called Kootenay LowRiders Club, but don't know of too many people in the vast, low resided area... you are all welcome to join

Nice to meet you all! hope to talk to you all soon!!!!!
Welcome! I love Double Dapples (and all the issues that come with!) and I really like that you do earth dog with your pups! I wish we had a club here, i would love to give my 2 a job! Mouse especially would be good at it!