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We got gusting winds, about 6 inches of snow dumped and swirled around into drifts, and now the temps are dropping to -35c overnight and the windchill is -45c. -40 is the same on both f and c scales. And it's dark early. Instead of being out and about on our Sat and Sun we'll be hiding in the house. To get the car to the street requires some shoveling, and who wants to be outside to do that? Yikes. So please, post photos and chat about your Christmas. I'm here. lol


My goodness, I really don't know how you cope with those temperatures! I hope you have loads of food and winter fuel in! I guess you must have to be pretty well organised lol!

We still haven't had any snow here and I am hoping we don't get any, we are useless in the snow! Connie hasn't ever seen any yet and as she is currently curled up in front of the fire I am guessing she wouldn't be too impressed.

I spent Christmas day at my daughters, with both dogs of course. I was a bit worried how they would cope with so many people plus 4 children and loads of food in the house. Connie is so food orientated I had imagined she would be stealing from the children all day but I have to say they were both impeccably behaved and I was extremely proud of them!

Hope you had a lovely Christmas and get to enjoy your New Year!


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Oh lord, what I mess! I would hate that, haha.

TL;DR :)

Well here's a breakdown of our Christmas :) It actually started last Saturday when we went to DH's aunt's house for tamale day, which is very common in Hispanic households. A bunch of family comes over, and you spend the day making tamales (like, dozens upon dozens. I think we did 16 or 17 dozen, and this year was the first without his grandma leading it, and apparently they used to make even more.) We took Watson with us (after asking if we could, of course.) He was so well behaved I couldn't believe it! He didn't beg for food (too much) and was very good with the 3 yr old and babies that were there. I was quite proud!

And then Christmas day, we went to my parent's house first, with my mom & dad and both of my sisters. Watson was pretty upset most of the time because my parent's 13 yr old beagle didn't want to play with him, and my sister's chihuahua/rat terrier isn't very sociable anyway and definitely did not want to play. But he did get presents! My sister got him a new hoodie (blue plaid and adorable) and my mom sewed together a few pieces of fleece she had leftover from a project and gave it to him as a little blanket.

And then we went to DH's parent's house, where Watson had much more fun because DH's sister has a doxie/chi who is almost a year old, and the two of them have SO much fun together. But they also got a new kitten...Watson hasn't had much experience with cats, so he wanted to chase her. I think he's mostly just curious, but she'd swat if he got too close! That worries me, because I really want to get a cat again someday.

Anyway, that was really really long. Sorry. How what your Christmas?


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We've had insane amounts of snow this year. And alot of cold temps and wind chills here. It was above 0 for Christmas but we had a flash freeze friday night. Temps went from above freezing down to -29C with howling winds in a matter of a few hours. I've never seen anything like it! We already have about 4 feet of snow altogether. .. 3feet of that was in November. .. our previous record for Nov. Was 6inches... kind of crazy.

Christmas was kind of quiet. I have no family left here, and couldn't afford to go to Ontario. So I spent some of Christmas eve and day with my neighbour who was also alone for the holiday. My crew all got toys for Christmas, and I built a bed for my neighbour's dog. So the pups and cat were all spoiled lol.


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Seems like you guys are having some crazy weather! How do you keep your Babies warm? We've had a lot of ice here and very little snow. Not Surprising in Washington State.

Christmas was okay...Baby got another "pretties" aka sweater. She waits for me to put it on her because it just has a strap on the tummy. I didn't get her toys because she doesn't play with them. It was more of her sleeping on my lap and trying to stay warm. I had my nieces and nephews over and she was overwhelmed. She gets overwhelmed with kids. One she can do okay with but more than one she stresses. LOL

How was your Christmas minus the crazy cold weather Penny?


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Christmas was really exciting for our two doxies, I didn't realize how much I bought them. We wrapped all their presents. They got alot of new toys, each got three sweaters and new coats so they can go outside, along with special treats. Family came over for dinner, it was nice and relaxing. It is suppose to snow starting Thursday afternoon and continue into Friday. I don't know what we are in for, but I don't like winter at all. Be safe you all and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!