Former breeding dog- need dental and housebreaking advice!


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I recently took in a 5-7 year old dachshund who was going to be euthanized. He has an oronasal fistula (basically a hole in the gums where a canine tooth was removed). My vet has tried to suture it 3 times and there is some improvement but still a small hole. Does anyone have any experience with this?
I'm also not having any success with housebreaking him. He seems to be completely desensitized- he will pee/poop even in a very small crate with barely room to move around! He doesn't let me know if he has to "go". There are times I will walk him all around a while, and a few minutes after putting him in a crate in the car for a ride he goes! Even if it means he has to step in it.
He will potty outside, but doesn't seem to understand that he's not supposed to do it in the house or a crate. Any suggestions???
I was really impressed with the advice on housetraining in the book "the Dog Vinci Code" Really straight forward, and really makes sense!