Forever to poop


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Hi, I am new here so I apologize if I don't get this right the first time. Jace, our male dog is 6 months old and he was doing really good with potty training and now all of sudden things have changed. Like clockwork at 6am, he would wake up and we would take him outside and he would pee and poop all in less than 5 min and now, he pees but takes forever to poop. I work, so I can really only spend 1/2 hr outside at the very longest to wait. I bring him inside and put in crate and he starts yelping and scratching (sign he needs to go) and I take outside and same thing..nothing. If I leave him outside so I can get ready, I really don't know if he poops or not and I can not praise him. I am wondering because maybe it is colder outside...any ideas??



Has anything changed recently? are you still feeding him at the same time or have you changed his food?
Has anything changed in the garden, did you have a friend visit with another dog?
Also what happens at weekends etc when you are around, does he still not go first time he is let out?
If you put him out and he doesn't go and then leave him does he soil his crate?
Dogs are somewhat creatures of habit so my feeling is that something has changed to unsettle him, they key to the problem may be in finding what it is so that you will be able to get him back into his usual routine before this becomes too established.
Mind you Dachshunds are particularly clever so the other thing to consider is that he has made a link between going to potty and then being put in the crate, if I don't go then she wont put me in the crate, very clever! lol!