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I have had my new dachshund puppy since last week.

The breeder gave me food to take home with me, but once home i realised it was adult dog food. So i gave him puppy food that i had bought, but he wont eat it. He will however, eat the adult food.

So im not sure whether to persist with puppy food or go with what hes been used to?

any advice would be great!
have you tried mixing the 2 to wean him onto puppy? of buying a bit of wet food to add that will encourage him to eat the new food?
have you tried mixing the 2 to wean him onto puppy? of buying a bit of wet food to add that will encourage him to eat the new food?

great advice, with Bella's food I put a little wet puppy food on the top to encourage her to eat as it smells more interesting than dried food to her
I have had a nightmare getting my 5 month old puppy to eat, soo fussy, but now put tiny slithers of cheese or chicken & thankfully he is now eating fine. Not sure if it just took him a long time to settle in. My breeder said he had been brought up on a certain dried food, so I bought a huge bag to find that he wouldn't touch it at home.

I know they say that you should change food gradually but Bernie hasn't had any upset tummy or anything and I have changed from dry to wet & back to dry trying to find something he likes. Butchers Puppy food trays he likes & the dry gravy bites.

Good luck I am sure you will find something he likes ( all my other breeds of dogs woof down their food).

I would get your puppy back on puppy food as adult food will probably be too rich & high in certain minerals. Check it with your vet or the food manufacturer. Very strange your breeder was feeding the wrong food though, did they have a reason for this?
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you trust your breeder to know there stuff aswell dont you, i would be interested to know why they were feeding the puppy adult food too x
I to wonder about the breeder giving the puppy Adult food

When I bred Chihuahuas many yrs ago the Mommy dog got puppy food for added fats and nutrients while nursing and then the pups got it when the time came .not adult dog food .. Hmmm very strange anyhow Good luck with your puppy and finding the right food for him :)
I've never had a problem feeding Mouse... She'll literally eat ANYTHING. I've also never fed her puppy food, tho she was 5.5 months old when I got her and was fed raw by the lady who rescued her for me. I switched her to the same grain-free food that my other dogs are on, and she did very well. I've actually never had a fussy dog... tho I've also never catered to my dogs either. They get fed 2x per day. if they walk away from their food, it gets picked up. they do not get fed again until their next feeding... they learn very quickly to eat all their food at once, they dont get to be picky. Every foster I've had has been switched to this, and I've never had a dog go more than 3 days before figuring it out. This way I know how much each dog is getting, and what each dog is getting. I have all different shapes and sizes and allergies, and cannot have dogs mixing and matching LOL.