Flying Doxies!

Can your dachshund fly?

I've had three dachshunds, and Frank is the first one the "flies!" From a dead stop he can leap onto chairs, onto laps, anywhere he wants to be.

It looks like he jumps straight up, and then floats over and down onto the lap! Impossible, I know, but that's what it looks like.

I'll be minding my own business, and suddenly he's in my lap. If I'm not ready for him, he'll run into my arm or something, and fall off. That never deters him, he just makes another leap.

We have ramps all over the house, and he will use them, but will still sometimes just launch him self off the side of the bed or couch, flying across the room.

This is the same dog that caused us to wrap all of our trees in aluminum flashing, because he started climbing them to get to the squirrels.

Anyway, I was wondering how many other flying dachshunds there are.


I am truly amazed at Bree's high flying acrobatics. They horrify me as I am certain he will break something in that little body. He's climbed from the couch to the table behind, and taken more than one flying leap from that narrow table to the wood floor. He flies up to the couch, our bed, and all the patio furniture that can offer a better view of the birds outside. Aren't we suppose to be discouraging all this reckless behavior?? Or is it a losing battle..
Yep! We cringe every time it happens. We lost his predecessor, Henry, to back injury.

But Frank seems so light on his feet, and compact. He looks a lot like Bree. We can only hope the genetics are different, since we are not being very successful getting him to stay on the ground.

This morning, he jumped off the bed. He didn't just jump down off the side, instead he flew about a foot up, higher than the bed before floating to the ground some 3 feet away from the edge of the bed.
Here's Frank, with his brother PD, after a day of flying:

Frank is the Piebald.

OK, I'd not seen this picture this big before. Someone on here had said something about Dapples having Red reflection, while normal doxies have Green.

I see PD has green reflection, but Frank has BLUE????

Anyone know anything about that?
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They are adorable, WM...and Frank does look alot like Bree. They are so sweet and I'm really loving this breed. I think they are 'one-person' love machines..


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Hey!! That is blue!!! That is some crazy dog!!!!! I can't believe it that's how my lily used to be she was a couple months old and she was jumping for
The bed and the couch, then she got sick and I don't know why but she completely got a fear of going up or down stairs, off couches or off beds she just sat there and cried and howled until she was carried up or down, ( she has never barked either) anyways I was very happy about her not jumping all over the place since I don't want her back injured!! Lol later on she lost the fear of stairs everything else still the same we have to carry her!