First Time Dachshund Owner


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Hello, I am a new member, and a first time dachshund owner.

A whole new world for me !

Somehow I always end up with the german dogs, my previous ones have been german shepherds and german shorthaired pointers.

My life situation changed so a large dog was no longer an option, so I ended up with this hotdog.

I joined this site as I have a problem with him, I won't go into it here, I will take a look around here to see where I can get help.


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Hi Welcome to this friendly forum, there are some knowledgable people on here who may be able to help with your daxi problem.

Like you I have got a mini daxie (wire ) for the 1st time, I also have a GSD X and have had Dalmations & a beagle before.


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Welcome! I got my first Doxie 2 years ago almost, and have since adopted another one. Both are deaf and sight impaired Mini Shorthair Double Dapple`s. I have 3 other dogs, one is deaf. so I have a bit of a housefull :) I love the little goofball mini`s... I`ll probably always have one or 2! they`re alot of fun!


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I own 2 dogs. One Doxie (Stone) who I rescued from a friend. She was keeping her outside all the time, and didn't ever pay attention to her. I brought her to my house and she was all about attention. Now she is a mamas girl and cuddles with me every night.
I also own a terrier that I got from someone on The Freecycle Network they couldn't take care of him anymore.


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Welcome to the forum :)

Im sure if you wanted to share your problem someone would be able to help or if you wanted to keep it private if you wanted to message either Admin or a moderator we would try to help or pass your problem onto one of the other mods who we think could help if you cant find a solution within the forum to answer it already for you