First Experience in Dog Park Today!


Today, Bree and I headed out to the local dog park for the very first time. Bree is now nine months old & we've had him in our home for six weeks. I thought he was ready for the experience.

Once in the park, three or four small dogs came up to 'welcome' Bree. Maggie, a small shepherd mix, started bossing Bree around right away. He became fearful and ran to a nearby bush for safety, bellowing all the way. Not a happy guy.

Fortunately, Maggie and her owner left shortly thereafter. Then Bree became much more relaxed around the less aggressive dogs (we were in the small dog area). Eventually, he did a patrol of the perimeter of the park and I ran around a little bit with him. We spent about 90 minutes there and I thought that was enough.

I hope that Bree will relax if we return two or three more times. It's the only time he will get to run leash-free until either his recall improves, or the local squirrels move out of town!:D
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Glad he mostly had fun! I personally don't like dog parks; Nola's a very bossy, drive-y and high-strung dog who doesn't take crap from others well:p
I'm not a fan of dog parks either (bad experience with one), but if you use caution and know which dogs are the "good ones" to play with, by all means go for it! It can be a great tool for socializing with other dogs and people :)
You can expect every trip to the dog park to be different. Sometimes we are all alone and Milo is too busy sniffing to even chase a ball; sometimes the dogs barely look at each other. Then there can be instant chemistry and they'll run and wrestle until it's nap time. That's always nice because I use the dog park as a treat after Milo has to stay in the car while we are shopping.

Our dog parks have large and small dog areas, owners who follow posted rules and a community of dog lovers who maintain the parks and leave water, poop bags, and toys.
Thanks, All, for your comments. Yes, we'll definitely try it out again. I think what Natural Curl said, about each trip being unique, is quite true. So much depends on the other dog-friends that are there in that moment..

My boy is not aggressive, or even assertive around bossy pups. So he really has to be watched carefully.He's a lover, not a fighter!! ;)