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First Dachshund


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Dec 2, 2010
Hi Everyone,

Later this month i will be bringing home my first ever miniature dachshund (smooth haired, black and tan). I just wondered whether anyone had any tips or advice for me that might help us both?

Thanks :)
Welcome to the site! I have the best tip ever for new Dachshund owners...


Housetraining a Doxie can be an ordeal, they are very stubborn, so training can also be quite a task! But it's best to keep things positive, force training a little Doxie doesn't work, use LOTS of treats... but make it part of (his/her) daily rations... the last thing you want is an overweight Dachshund! They are prone to back problems, so the extra weight is killer.

Make rewards immediate. When housetraining, go outside with the puppy, on a leash is preferable, say "go potty" or whatever you want to use, then stand and ignore the puppy until he goes... if he doesn't, after about 5 min, bring him righ back inside and straight into his crate... try again in a bit. When he does go, treat IMMEDIATELY. say "Yes" in a happy, but not loud voice when he's going, then treat as soon as he's finished. then inside for playtime. Don't wait 'till you come in for a treat, as soon you'll have a puppy going outside then right back in for his treat... They're smart little boogers, and will work the system if they can! LOL

last tip from me... ENJOY your little pup... they are alot of fun... if you have a sense of humor... and you will need one... they are very busy little critters! LOL

I am 4 days away from getting my second little deaf and sight impaired double dapple mini shorthair... I am sooo excited!
congrats on becoming a new Dachshund parent. You will find out soon that Dachshunds own their humans. Dachshunds can be very prone to allergies. Seasonal allergies and reactions. They are funny, sensitive and love to be loved. :D It is important to never yell at them...they tend to get very anxious and nervous if yelled at. Hard to believe that anyone would yell at them, but I have been around when some have. :( Dachshunds can each have their own little personalities, so if you end up with another one later(cause it is hard to say no) don't be surprised if they end up being as different as day and night. Get to know your little one and like Deaf said, be patient and they KNOW how to work the system. The rest can be dealt with when it comes.
Thank you for the advice, I will post photos of him when I get him home. Wish me luck!
Aww congrats! We recently got our first mini doxie as well and are absolutely in love with him. He's almost 12 weeks and so far what I can tell you is he has a TON of energy and the sweetest personality. He is actually our first pet and if I would have known how loving and sweet this little guy was, we would have had one years ago. Have fun and good luck with your new puppy!
Hi Everyone,

Later this month i will be bringing home my first ever miniature dachshund (smooth haired, black and tan). I just wondered whether anyone had any tips or advice for me that might help us both?

Thanks :)

Hello, I have 4 on my own. They are lovely doggie. If you have the boy, their potty training is about 6 months compare with girl for 3 months. Just be patience. Good luck. They are adorable creature.:)
how exciting :D

I agree our male dachie was @ 6months until he was totally toilet trained. Take

them out immediately after they've woke from a snooze or eaten.

Its slightley easier if you have another dog as they get their scent in the

garden .

Also take away their water at 9pm - is what we do

good luck - cant wait to see the pics x x x

How exciting! I have a smooth black and tan as well :)

My Mr. Monkey was potty trained within a few weeks (I use pee pee pads).

I would say one of the most important things you can do is socialize your dog, and continue when he/she gets older. We were really good at socializing Monkey when he was a puppy, but we started slagging a little when he was about a year and now he is a little anti-social.

Congrats on your new addition, I'm sure you will be as amazed by the unconditinal love you will experience :)

OH - one more thing. Get bitter apple to spray on things your doxie may find fun to chew on (and that you may not think is so much fun) worked like a charm with mine!
Never had a dog before, but now have a beautiful chocolate and tan minature daxie, and what an amazing dog she is, love her to bits, could never understand y people were so mad about their dogs, but am well pleased with her, she is almost a year old, and have loved every minute i av spent with her..