Hey guys, i thought maybe we could also connect on facebook.

My FB name is DonRamon with a pic of my pup, feel free to add me :D

Dusty Puddles

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If y'all like, you can "like" our rescue page. Dusty Puddles Dachshund Rescue
You can see how I/we've built our rescue. Sadly:( , business is booming! :D
--Ted W. Drewry--

Dusty Puddles

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Inkeri, thanks for the like! Let me assure you, they all find their forever homes. In addition to being a rescue we are a sanctuary. As long as their quality of life permits, those that aren't adopted remain safe, happy, and loved with us. Some come a6nd go rather quickly, others take longer. A very few, because of owner abuse, have some bad habits and fears that make them pretty much unfit to be rehomed. For these, we've earned their trust and respect and we keep them clear of any public interaction.
And then there's Walter! Old, toothless, and unadoptable. It was such a stroke of luck for me that he came here. He keeps me constantly smiling!
It's a win win here, and these guys take care of me just as much as I do them.
Did you see the new kennel and runs?
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Yes, I saw the kennels. Looks very good! Like you said, they are safe and happy with you until they find their homes. :) And I'm glad you offer care for those "unfit" ones too. :) Keep up the good work! :)