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Excitement/submissive pee


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Feb 16, 2012
Hi all! Rocko will be 1 in March and I've had him since last September. He used to only pee on one of my friends everytime he saw her. He's since gotten worse and now pees on almost everyone at some point when they come into my house. He even pees when he sees me sometimes. I can't tell if it's excitement or submissive pee or maybe both. He kind of flips over a little when he starts peeing. I've read up a little on the internet and it seems like a puppy thing that he may outgrow but I don't see it getting any better and he's almost 1. Any suggestions?

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Amy and Sir Pees a Lot aka Rocko.


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It can become just a learnd behaviour.It is important to stop him so it doesnt get worse. Start looking over his rutins. How often does he get out to pee? Make sure it is enough. All dogs are different so therefor the rutins must be adjusted to the dog. Stop him if he trys to pee on people. Maybe you need to have him on the leach for a short time whenever people are around so he doesnt get the chanse?

Is he stressed? Our dog starts humping people when he is stressed so we teach him how to relax when people are around. Dont let everyone pet him and talk to him and so on. Teach him that it is ok to lie down when people are at your house. Tell people to ignore him. Make sure he isnt understimulated. Get him to do seeking exercises or something to do every day.

Make sure that he doesnt have any infektions (urin infektions).

If it doesnt get any better with rutins and/or stopping him when he wants to pee on people contact a dog trainer for advice.

Good luck!
I have a dog that submissive pees on people if he's excited to see them and they pet him right away. best thing to do is prevent people from greeting him until he's calm. Have them come in take off their coat and shoes while totally ignoring him, not even looking in his direction. If he's running up and jumping all over them, you need to leash him and prevent a greeting. Once your friends are in and settled, you can release him to check them out, but your friends must keep their hands off until he's calm.

\One thing I will really stress is absolutely no corrections!!! If you correct him for jumping on them, his peeing will get worse, not better. You're better off picking him up and putting his leash on and taking him away. Give him treats for any calm behaviour (If you clicker train, this is especially helpful in these situations) And once everyone is settled and relaxed, you can let him go say hi, but if he starts to get excited again, friends must take hands off and go back to ignoring. Ignoring is the worst punishment in the world for a doxie, and very effective for training.