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I make our dogs' food. I went pet food shopping for a family member and the owner of the place gave me a small bag of Orijen food. My youngest, Oscar, did NOT do well at all on it. Even just a little bit with his normal food...he had runny poopies and threw up three times during the night. I hate to waste food....but I got rid of it very fast! After that Epic Failure, I will continue to make homemade food for both my dogs. I am sure Orijen works great for some, just not my youngest. It was worth a shot.


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I fed 4 dogs on Orijen 6 fish, and my Sister fed hers that as well. Scout, Zoe and Mouse all did very well on it, but Oliver and Mysister's pup did not. We switched to Acana Pacifica, also grain-free, and made by Champion Pet Foods, the same company that makes Orijen, and all 5 dogs did excellent. I think it has alot to do with Orijen's protein level. Orijen is at 44%, Acana Pacifica is at 33%, and raw meat is 22% protein. Some dogsjust cant handle the high level of protein. Tho as it's also ingredient-rich, Your dog may have had a bit of an allergy to something in it.


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Leo gets Orijen, I have been thinking of switching to Acana with the though Orijen might rev him up a bit too much from all the extra energy, but his digestion is perfectly fine. It is true some dogs can't handel the protein to the point that some get raised blood protein levels because their kidneys can't keep up. The protein level is above 40% for most of their foods where as the protein level of raw meat is around 22% as DD said. So the meal is much more concentrated. Some stores will take back food if it doesn't agree with your dog, also many store provide samples to see if there are any immediate reactions to the food. Otherwise you can post the food for free online or donate it to a rescue and I am sure it would find use quickly :)
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:)Thank you everyone!! I will see if the pet store carries the other food. My oldest, Henry, did well on Orijen. Oscar did start life out on cat food until we got him at 9 months old. He doesn't seem to have any allergies with anything...as of yet. Which is why his reaction to Orijen kind of baffled me. He eats crickets outside for crying out loud. ~laugh~ But, I understand what you all are saying about the protein content. Thank you for the advice, I will try the Acana. Wish us luck.