Doxie wins award at Crufts 2011!!


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[ame=]YouTube - dfs Crufts 2011 Junior Warrant Final winner[/ame]

With dachshund as well as all other breeds of dogs I wish the main focus of kennel clubs is towards health, temperament and workability instead of beauty pageant good looks. This mentality is ruining many breeds including the dachshund. :( It is great the dog won, and it is a good looking dog, let's hope this brief moment in spotlight doesn't end in more detrimental attention to the breed.
Well, I think they're trying to move towards a more fit dog at Crufts. The theme this year was "Fit for Function" which to me means there is a tad more focus being put on more fit dogs. The KC is alot better (IMO) than the AKC and CKC as far as health goes, only registering a certain number of litters from a single bitch, and considering allowing the mixing of breeds (eg allowing the pointer to be bred with the Dalmatian to help prevent certain severe health issues) So, hopefully the trend will continue.

question... what is a Junior Warrant winner?
did anyone see Pedigree dogs exposed? It was aired on BBC, and actually cancelled the airing of Crufts the year it aired due to some of the disturbing claims being made. Now I know the information is sensationalized and biased in the documentary but it does hold truth in the breeding practices being performed to produce a show winner.