Don't know what to do


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I found this forum in hopes that someone may be able to help me out. We currently have 4 dogs (3 yorkies and a mini dachshund). Stretch is 11 years old and has always been somewhat food aggressive. I can put my hands into his bowl but no idea what he would do to someone else and he would never tolerate other animals near that bowl. Recently he is getting much worse. He is now randomly attacking 2 of my yorkies (the oldest and the youngest). My youngest is only 5 pounds and he could easily kill her. Luckily we have been home to stop him each time it has happened.

We need to find something to stop this behavior fast or we are going to have to make a very hard decision. Please help!

Is it the 11 year old dachshund who has started to be aggressive? can it be age-problems? Sight? Hearing? Older dogs that becomes aggressive often start loosing some of their senses. Have you had him checkd up at a vet?

I hope it will be ok for your dogs.
Yes, the dachshund. He also goes absolutely crazy when the doorbell rings. He went after the youngest yorkie twice now due to the doorbell. The doorbell is now disconnected. People just have to call when they are coming and I watch for them. His hearing and vision seem to be ok. He has been to the vet and there is nothing physically wrong with him. He just does not like to share food. Not sure what his issue is with the doorbell. They all seem to feed off each other when the doorbell rings.

Has he always been this way? About the doorbell I would have him on leach or behind bars so he cant go after the others when the doorbell rings. Never open the door befor he has calmed downt. Stop him from going after the others. Does anyone of the other bark too?

If his behaviour has been different latley I would do another vet check. He can be in pain? Teeth?
He isn't different, just worse. He has always been food aggressive. He is real bad if he has any kind of bones so we don't keep those in the house anymore. They get an occasional bully stick but small enough that he eats it in a short time. If the yorkies walk away from theirs, we pick them up.

Yes, we usually make sure he is behind a gate if someone is coming. It has been the unexpected doorbell rings that have gotten us lately. All the dogs feed off each other when the doorbell rings. It is total chaos. I have tried real hard to teach them to sit and stay but it does NOT happen. It is not helping that the youngest is very feisty and will not back down to him even though he is more than twice her size (she is 5 lbs, he is 12).

We are now afraid that he may go after one of them when we aren't around to stop him and that would be deadly to the yorkies.

Do you or can you feed your dachshund separately from the others? I had to do that for a short time when I was first making the switch over to a raw diet with my guys. My one shih tzu cross had started to get nasty over the food, so I separated him and worked with him on his budding aggression. With your guy being an older gent, I'm not sure that he would ever be able to eat beside the other dogs again.

You do have the right idea with not giving out treats (bones, toys, etc) that would spark the aggression/ possession issue.

As for the doorbell...I had mine disconnected as well. The sound actually hurts their ears - their sense of hearing is better than ours, being a hound, even more so because they rely on their ears and their nose while hunting underground. The dogs are definitely feeding off each other - and you. You get anxious when the doorbell rings because you know that the behaviors are going to appear and the dogs sense that. Try doing things the other way - confine the Yorkies and keep your dachshund on leash when someone arrives.

I hate to say it, but, you may want to consider a Canine trainer/ behaviorist to help you out. You sure have your hands full. If you're absolutely certain that there's nothing medically wrong with him, then definitely look into getting someone that has a few more tricks up their sleeve in dealing with these sorts of behaviors.