Dominant female.....


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I own two female dachshunds as well as one male. The eldest female named Bubbles is the mother and she is 11 years old. The other female and male is Bubble's first litter that we kept. Snoopy is the younger female and she is 10 years and Sam the only male is also 10 years.

Snoopy has always been urinating on Bubbles urine. And sometimes they would stand next to each other as to dominate.

Recently I added a female Great Dane to the mix, the male dacsie got along well with the Great Dane but the females were a bit bitchy, if I can call it that. They were not aggresive or fighting. They would just show there teeth to tell the puppy to go away.

One day we were outside and the dane was chasing the eldest dacsie, she stepped funny and hurt herself and sat down. As soon as the eldest dacsie was weak the younger one came in and attacked her. I had to take the eldest to the vet as she had 4 puncture wounds in her back. This happened 8 months ago and there was no incident ever since.

A few days ago the eldest dacsie got hurt again and the youngets wanted to go for her again but I stopped her. The first attack I could not stop because no one saw it coming. Now I watch them.