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Dog spends 13 excruciating years on a chain


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Sep 12, 2010
Milo, Sam , Molly
Chester, SC - Where do you begin with a story so painful? Georgia is a dog that existed on the end of a 2 foot chain for 13 horrible years.She gave birth to multiple litters of puppies and when her owner was done with her, he called a shelter in...

Thank you for sharing that story...I couldn't keep myself from crying. I too see so many dogs that endure that very same thing. I have been working with the police in my neighborhood, since I live a block away from police station it is much easier, to help stop this treatment. I have found some very good policemen in our area who adore dogs and they love that someone else who loves animals is taking initiative in this city. I must admit that we get together and talk about how spoiled all of our dogs are.
Your welcome.. I just dont understand what kind of a heart a person would have to have to treat what could have been their best friend that way. Makes me sick... But in the video look at how happy she seems to have freedom. Even in the small yard.. she just keeps walking... This one has a happy ending...
I dont understand what it takes to be sooo uncaring or even cruel to an animal. Our next door neighbor leaves his dog Princess outside all the time...she doesnt go inside anymore. no one comes outside to play with her, and she doesnt have any shelter. When her breed goes into the shelters down here, they put them down. almost without trying to find another home. She is a sweetheart to say the least...and quite a big whimp. She is an odd breed tho, wish we had the room inside our home to keep her. makes me almost cry when I go out to get into my van.