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Dog Parks?


Aug 22, 2012
Bree the Doxie
The local dog park is great for socialization. The one near my home even has separate areas for large dogs, small dogs and a small agility course.

But dogs can pick up germs or get sick from unclean areas. I was wondering what you all thought of dog parks in general, and if you take your babies there on a routine basis??
I like DP's for the most part, however I am my dogs advocate and if I don't like the way the other dogs are playing, I avoid, or interrupt (if my dog's involved). There are alot of rude dogs in DP's... I think alot of that is due to the fact that people will stop a dog from correcting a rambunctious/rude puppy/adolescent, so the behaviour continues.

As for the sickness thing, I am not worried, I do a low vaccination protocol, feed top quality foods, and give supplements to keep them and their immune systems (and bodies) healthy... my dogs have never picked up anything.

I dont go regularly, but I do like to take the doxies now and then :)
I agree with deafdogs. Esp. with a small male dog you have to be extra-careful when there's other males around. And some ppl bring their not so well sozialised dogs there too. :( But in general i like dogparks and they're good fun for the dogs as well. :)
We dont have that in the north of sweden. I wouldnt want to let my dog play with unknowned dogs. Especially if they are larger breeds. I like my dog to have a few friends that he knows well. Less risk of injuris or fights.

It sounds great though that your dogpark are separated for larger and smaller dogs :) There I might go... :)
Thanks, All. I drove by the dog park closest to my home this afternoon. There were only three or four small dogs there. I think it's more crowded earlier in the day. We'll try it out for socialization and fun and let you know how it goes..

Vizzla, dog parks are quite common here in the US. Especially in Florida, where I live, and the weather is nice all year long.
Almost all the dog parks I have been to have small and large dog areas (good because Milo barks at large dogs), posted rules and poop bags. The motivation and resources for the facility usually come from groups of dog lovers who are motivated to keep the parks well maintained. There are benches for people and special doggie water fountains. People leave toys and even, once, a swimming pool. If you need information about dog-friendly restaurants, or whatever, the dog park is the place to go.

On the negative side the surfaces vary from shade trees over lawn to dry dusty sand. Usually the big dog area is better populated with lots of playing and major exercise. It's hit and miss if smaller pup friends will show up. I have seen the beginnings of hostility a couple of times among the large dogs that was quickly stopped by the humans. (I used to meet at a certain time each Sunday in a school yard with a dog group. Ironic; the dogs got along a lot better than the owners talking politics.)