Dog "citizen" test


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In Sweden we have started talking about a dog "citizen test". Its 10 situation all dogs should be abel to handle so they dont become a problem. I think that if ALL dogowners can handle their dog in these situations we would not see as many accident reports in the newspapers.

1 Meeting a stranger
The dog will accept a friendly stranger aproaching, talking to the dog owner in a friendly way.

2 A stranger touching the dog
The dog will be by his owners side and allowing a friendly pet by a stranger.

3 Handeling
Much like on dog shows. A stranger handels the dog, looks at teath and stroking the dog.

4 Follow me
Owner is in controll over the dog. Dog and owner follows a track with the test leader.

5 Passing a group of people
The dog will pass a group of people without jumping forward or barking.

6 Sit stay and laying down on signal
Owner has a 10 meter long rope and the dog will follow the owners signal, sit stay and laying down on comand. Owner will be abel to leav the dog sitting in the full length of the rope.

7 Calling
Dog comes when owner calls it.

8 Dogmeating
The dog will behave around other dogs.

9 Everyday situations
This part of the test will show the dog handling different everyday situations, meating people in wheelchairs, joggers, shoppingcarts, bicycle.

10 Apart from its owner.
The dog will handle being left by a friendly stranger and will behave accordingly.

We pass on 6 of them very well, in 2 we almost got it and recalling and meeting strangers we need to practis....

How would you do on this test?
We have a similar thing in Finland too. It's for service dogs, like german shepards, but anyone can take part. :)

We would easily pass everything else but the stranger touching part as well. :p Manu doesn't like that either. He would even stay with a stranger as long as the stranger doesn't try to touch him. I guess dachshunds are a bit like that... I'm hoping he will get over it with training and time, though. The dog-trainer in our obedience school said that young males might also have puberty and hormone-trouble at this age... ;)
In Canada and the US it's called the Canine Good Citizen Test. It's a really good thing to have. Alot of people on the Deaf Dog Yahoo group I belong to do this with their dogs. And Best Friends Animal Sanctuary (Dogtown) are not allowing any of Michael Vick's Pit Bulls to be adopted out unless they pass the test.
I think we would do pretty well except for laying or sitting down at a distance. He would be fine if he is close by. I am pleased to say Bernie is very well socialised with dogs & humans. As soo many people want to stop & talk to him.I am glad he isn't a nervous dog :)
Reggy would do well with most of these. He's very friendly and has no problem meeting new people. He exspecially loves babies. He greets other dogs very well, provided the dog approaching him is not aggressive in a snarly or biting manner. Reggy does well going with other people. Sometimes to well lol He's always up for a walk or visit with others. He does pretty good on stay. Telling him to stay makes him act like his in trouble. He's getting better with biscuits rewards tho. He does really great when he's modeling my Dachshund Dens for photo taking. He comes when called but, He can be a bit stubborn sometimes. Very rare, but when he gets a smell in his brain ( like a dead skunk) he will be line it to the skunk and listening to me is the last thing he hears lol. He walks well on his lease. We've never had an issue with him being aggressive or rude. He's always well behaved and loves everyone. I've thought about training him as a theory dog because of his sweet disposition.
Good Citizen Dog Test

At the moment, Zephyr would fail with flying colours (ha), but I am looking to educate her enough as to be able to do this. In my opinion I think all dog owners should be working towards making their dogs both dog and people friendly. I am interested in possibly having her become a therapy dog and as far as I know this is a per-requisite.
Otis would fail everyone most likely. Stella would fail some, but she is only 5 months