Doesn't enjoy his walks like before

How long do you walk your doxie?

Milo is an 11.5-pound mini (or a little larger) one year young and seems healthy. I walk him a few times a week on a flat paved path with hard dirt and weeds on either side. I like to keep moving for 30 to 40 minutes.

Just a few months ago he would prance happily on these walks and try to bound ahead. Now it takes more and more encouragement to keep him moving. I allow plenty of sniffing time but sometimes he just wants to stop in the middle of the path. When we get back to the car he lies on his side and pants heavily.

He enjoys a romp in a fenced yard with other dogs and running to play fetch. But I wonder if I'm working him too hard, or what. He doesn't get excited and happy when we arrive at the path like dogs are supposed to do.

Of course if we apply the usual 1:7 ratio, then the walk is more like 210 to 280 minutes haha. But I'm thinking the short legs might be doing it.


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Mine dont like long walks. Mouse especially cant walk for long, because of her foot. Boo would love to walk forever, but he get's tired after a few blocks, so the most he gets is 1/2 an hour. Mouse doesn't even get that. she walks for maybe 100 yards then she gets a ride in my coat or backpack for the rest. She plays like a maniac in the house with my big guy though, and swims in the bathtub for exercise :)


I take mine on trails through nature preserves, and sometimes we walk for hours, and you would think that would wear him out, but no. We get home and he wants to play fetch.


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Manu gets bored easily if we're just walking around the block. He just starts to sit and looks sad. ;) But he loves to run around the woods! No sitting and whining there... :D


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You are in California, what is the temperature like there? You say he pants heavily, is this from heat or from a possible medical condition? A few months ago weather would have been much cooler then now, did you spend last summer doing longer walks?
I know my Leo can go and go for 5 hrs or more if I wanted to let him (he will crash well when he gets home. But if it is hot, and sun is reflecting off the pavement into his face and soaking into his black coat he looses his enthusiasm. If it is very sunny/hot he will actually tuck his tail between his legs and look frightened in discomfort. Try walking earlier in morning or later at night to avoid roasting your wiener. Staying in grass and natural surface also helps.
Thanks everyone! I guess that was in the back of my mind too: "Could it be medical?" But without other symptoms I think I should try to stop the hand wringing over subtle changes and trust that I have a healthy one-year-old (or 7 in dog years!)

Our weather is mild but it is true that with sun and pavement black fur gets really hot. And the "forced march" on a leash can't be as interesting as off-leash freedom at the dog park. I will try a cooler time of day and maybe vary the terrain.