Does your dachies "purr"?


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Our dachs has tons of funny sounds. Especially when he goes to bed or resting. He has ha kind of "purring" sound (like a cat or an old door closing). If I move he "purrs" or if I happens to touch him while he is sleeping :D

Does your dachies do sounds other than barking? :)

Blazer's Mom

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Mine doesn't purr. But he does moan and groan.... I'm guessing it's because he has gotten older (almost 17 yrs)...arthirtis. He also sighs... kinda like my Grandmother did before she passed away.


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HA HA HA Boo does the same thing! He totally "purrs" when snuggling in to go to bed! Such a cute sound!

Mouse, however, SNORES!!! She has sleep apnea (I think caused my her incredibly long tongue) Not a nice sound like Boo's LOL... But all I have to do is straighten out her head, and she stops snoring LOL

Dusty Puddles

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To the uninitiated our Molly(2yo b&t) appears to be growling really low.:eek:
It even caused me some concern at first.:confused:
So I stopped. :p
She quickly explained!;)

The old man, Walter, makes all sorts of noises but none that resemble "Purring".
It's more like, "Snoring".:D


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Manu sometimes purrs too. But usually he just sighs. Sometimes it's freaky when we talk about something and he sighs "at the right time", as if he had understood us and commented. So funny. :D

My friend's wirehaired "talks" with growls. :) It's a bit scary at first, but he means no harm. He just has something to say. ;)