does anyone portion out frontline?


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i'm considering purchasing a 1 ml syringe and 5ml vials and just buying the frontline for large dogs and splitting a pipette into 8 dosages. since a 6 month supply for large and small dogs at costco is 75$. the concentration of the medication is the same, it's just given in larger amounts for large dogs. does anyone do this with success? i have a mini doxie that's never going to be over 10lbs. and frontline is really expensive.
So you would split a 5ml vial of frontline into 8 doses of about .6ml each? You would draw up .6 ml into the syringe for each application, if I understand. Or maybe you are going to split a "pipette" of frontline into 8 5ml vials? (I am not familiar with the product.)

Either way that sounds like it would work if you have the skill to measure correctly, and if the opened product doesn't leak or change its chemistry upon exposure to air.
I would also take apart the 1 ml syringe after use and wash and dry it before the next time.


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a 0-22 lbs dog takes .6ml of frontline. a extra large dog takes 4ml. i plan on taking a pipette of XL and putting it in a 5ml perfume sample vial that you can get at sephora for free, and using a 1ml syringe (from any pharmacy for free) and dosing .5ml every month for my 4lb puppy. thereby, i get 8 months of meds per every XL pipette, and about 4 years worth for 75$ from costco.

works out to about $1.50 a month versus $12.50 a month.

i presented this to my vet and he smiled and said that there are people who do do this, of course the frontline people would frown upon it, but the theory is sound and a misjudgement in dosage isn't really a big deal. i could be off by 1-2ml, and it would have no effect on the dog's health.
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Sounds like you could save lots of money that way.

Four years is a long time. Check the outdate on the medication, though I think it would be effective longer than the outdate it might deteriorate eventually. You could share with another dog friend...

You mean you could be off by .1 to .2 ml--not 1-2??


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Here's the downfall to that, if it's anything like Advantage or Advantage multi, the effectiveness wears off after approximately 6 - 8 weeks after the vial is opened. I learned that the hard way, so friends and I split the costs.