Does anyone know about Puppy Strangles?


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Second Post / Need advice, we are adopting two Doxie pups. We will get them at 8 weeks so we still have two weeks to go. We go every week to see them and they are super cute. Last week one of the puppies was very sick and had been taken to the vet and put on antibiotics. His glads were huge and his face and neck were very swollen. I was so upset but we were told that the vet said it was a bacterial infection and pup would be fine. This week he does look just a little better but now has little open sores on his nose and mouth.
I started to research on line and found pictures of exactly what his pup looks like and the diagnosis is puppy strangles. He is now on 2 1/2 weeks of being sick and the vet has not given prednisone or similar med as stated on most of the info I found.
Should we walk away from this pup???? Are we asking for a life time of problem? What would you do? Sure could use some moral support or advice...
Already heartbroken......