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Does a mini long hair need a groomer?

natural curl

Jan 26, 2012
Milo does not have extra long hair or matting. But he is starting to look a little ragged here and there and has tufts between his toes. His tail looks like a big feather. I was thinking of a visit to a groomer as a rare special treat (for me). I can give him a bath (I wear a raincoat) and brush but I am less confident when it comes to scissors and nail clippers.

What should I specifically ask for? I saw one photo in a post where the dog looked shaved. I don't want to go that far but a bit less hair in the house would be nice. Do they routinely cut nails?
Thanks for any ideas!
I do nails once a week, for my 2 little doxies. But as far as a groomer, I dont have a long hair, but trimming up their feet, "pants" and bellies makes them look really nice :)

I wouldn't shave them though, it could do alot of damage to their coat (not grow back properly)
Maybe you can find a groomer who can explain what needs doing so you can get a bit of confidence to do it yourself. Clipping feet fur and nails is a good idea as it prevents slipping on smooth surfaces. Getting a pro-grooming does look great, might make a nice X-mas holiday treat. I wouldn't go all the time as it doesn't last and since doxies don't have poodley fur it doesn't just keep growing.