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Diving dachshund finds his sea legs


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Sep 12, 2010
Milo, Sam , Molly
Not sure if I agree with this but.................


Diving dachshund finds his sea legs

Russian teaches dog to scuba dive


Sergei Gorbunov sits with Boniface the dachshund after an underwater dive on a beach near the settlement of Slavyanka, some 50 km from Russia's Far Eastern city of Vladivostok. (AP Photo/APTN)
Im the same Dennie, its not natural for any dog to go scuba diving ! why would he even want to do that to his dog x
I had seen that on our News a while back :rolleyes:
Ifeel the same way, it doens't seem natural to me, and I am thinking there are certain depths humans can dive to and have to come up slowly, I think it's "don't go past your bubbles" but maybe it's different for dogs. If this dog has a headache how can he tell?

Maria Dorval
My dogs run and hide when they think they are going to get a bath, I am pretty sure they would not be impressed with this!
I can't imagine dog wanting to scuba but my Oscar can't get enough of the water. He goes Kayaking with me and I have a hard time keeping him in the boat. He has a life jacket with a suit case handle on the back so I indulge his water lust by putting him in the water and holding the handle. He's my little outboard motor.

As far as how deep the dog could dive without needing to decompress it would be the same as a person. It has to do with oxygen being dissolved in the blood suddenly coming out of solution and forming bubbles. Think of opening a bottle of soda.