Dachshund walking?


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Hi there,

Little background information..
I have a 1.5 year old Mini Dachshund named Benjamin and put him through the beginners training corse when I believe he was 3 months old and it taught him and me the basics. It was alright but not enough to make me go back to the next level corse. Since then I taught him how to sit, shake (each paw seperately), lay down, roll over (both ways) sit pretty, catch, leave it, stay and come. If we are inside he treats me like I'm his world, follows me around and listens perfectly, literally acts like the best dog in the world, does everything right.

Now onto the question,

The moment we get outside, he acts if he forgets everything including his own name. He's always constantly pulling and trying to run ahead of me. I tried looking up ways to prevent this like doing a quick tug up and towards me to throw him off balance, but he lands like a cat and continues to run on. I've tried using a ball as a distraction but it only lasts a few minutes. Frankly, my arm gets tired of holding him back. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to properly walk a dachshund?

Also, if we stop mid-walk and stand there, he will start shivering when it actually warm outside..is that nerves or something?

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Can you practice having the door open and he has to sit? With leash on so he doesn't take off. You 'own' the door and he waits for permission to walk through. You go through the door first, not him.

I might like to discourage you doing the roll over. That action twists the spine and that's very bad for dachshunds.

If you go to youtube and search for loose leash walking, you can find some videos.
Try this one to start... [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sFgtqgiAKoQ]How to train your dog not to pull- Loose Leash Walking - YouTube[/ame]

Hope you can post some pics and introduce Ben! We'd love to see him!


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Yes I've tried doing the door thing, it doesnt seem to bother him one little bit. He will wait then the minute we are outside he runs, and its not like he doesn't get out, I take him for walks daily.

Here are some baby and current photos, including his winter gear.

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Should be able to see 12 or so pictures of him through this link.
Not sure how to post the actual picture on here.


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I'd like to add that when I took my dogs for a walk, I got back tired but when I unclipped their leash, they ran zoomies around the yard. It really wasn't enough exercise for them and they likely found it too restricting. I try to run them for 10 or 15 min before a walk to tire them out a bit. lol



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What a sweetie! Very handsome fella!
I have never brought home a puppy so I always enjoy the puppy pics of other people! Well, who wouldn't??? lol


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Awh your dogs are adorable, I love seeing other dachshunds. Ben goes crazy about footballs, not sure why but he whines and tried to pop then when he sees them.

I've tried so hard to tire him out last summer but he doesn't ever get tired.
Must be because hes so young.


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What I've done with my dogs is stopping when they pull the leash and call them back on my side. Start walking when the leash is loose. When they pull, stop etc.. If that doesn't work, turn around and start walking the other way. The walks WILL take a lot of time and you end up walking the same 100m of street again and again. :D But eventually they will get it. Of course, remember to praise and praise when the leash is loose. I've even managed to teach the loose leash to our rescued german shepherd-mix like this and he's super hyper active. :D It just takes time and patience.

Also, the pulling thing is a puppy-phase when they're young, I guess. I've noticed with our dogs that they walk better on leash after they're a year old or so. :)

Good luck with the training!! And a lot of patience. :)


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Another thing you could try is a front clip harness, it takes some of the pull out of the dog. But I did the stop and wait. I don't say anything at all, just wait out the dog... eventually, they will slack off the leash, or even better, turn towards you, when that happens, I start walking again and praise. I also treat or praise randomly, when they're not pulling. The forward motion, is the reward for a slack leash :) You might only get a few yards the first couple of times you do it, but it does work :)

And, since no one else has answered your question about shaking, He's shaking because he's full of excited energy, with no outlet for it when you aren't moving :)


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I do the randomly turn a different direct when the leash isnt locked and he will follow, but he will still try to run ahead after we turn. Aswell as when I stop, he will stop when I lock the leash, but soon as we start walking he tries to run again. Every now and then he will stop running and walk calmly, but then I say " good boy! " and he will get excited and run again lol

Havent tried using a food technique yet though.
I assumed the shaking was because hes anxious to continue walking again

Thanks for all the great feedback everyone =)