Dachshund puppy with eye watering flatulence


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I have a 7 week old dachshund puppy. (In hindsight, yes, he is too young to be away from mama. I was mistaken at the dates when I agreed to get him.)

My family and I have had dogs for years and we have fostered quite a few for rescue. However, my new puppy has the most horrendous gas that I have EVER smelled any dog have, much less a puppy. At times, it is eye watering.

I cannot pin point anything in particular that may be causing it so was hoping I could get some input. I should say that he also gets hiccups a few times a day and I am not sure if that's connected or not.

For food, he eats Canidae (though I am planning to switch over to Blue Buffalo free here shortly).

Any input would be greatly appreciated!
Number one thing I would suggest is to take him to the vet. Puppies are very susceptible to worms and illnesses. Get a thorough check-up and rule out anything medical. Also your vet can suggest certain things to do. Typically they will suggest a change in diet.

Usually gas has to do with the food he gets. His stools can be a good indicator too. They should be firm and darker in color. Even if his stools are fine it can still be the food. Dogs can be allergic or just not agree with something in the food. Try a lamb and rice formula, this is really great for a lot of intestinal issues as well as other health issues in dogs. The reason why is that most dog food is beef or chicken based and because the dog hasn't been exposed to lamb before it doesn't trigger anything. Make sure what ever brand you use doesn't have a lot of fillers (these are usually the culprits of bad gas). Also, usually gas will not be caused by the kind of meat used, but rather the type of starch (mostly grains). I would try the lamb and rice first and if that doesn't work try dog foods with different starches (like potatoes). Each time you change his food it is going to be tough on his stomach so give each new food you try a few weeks before ruling it out.

You can also meet with a canine nutritionist. A homemade diet, followed according to the specifications of a canine nutritionist, can also be a great option. You will know exactly what is in it and can make adjustments to it if something doesn't settle right (with the approval of the nutritionist). A nutritionist is so important with homemade diets because they need to make sure he is getting the right vitamins and minerals, and the correct ratios and amounts of each. My dog has been on a homemade diet before, I made a big pot of it, divided it up into the correct amounts and froze a bunch. I put a few days worth in the refrigerator, but kept the rest frozen to keep it fresh and at peak nutrition.

Remember, if it is a food allergy (not intolerance, allergy) ANY amount of it... even just a lick... will set it off. This can also develop into other manifestations such as skin problems if not fixed.

Again, number one thing to do before you change anything is to get that puppy to a vet... at 7 weeks old he needs a few check-ups anyway because puppies need multiple rounds of shots.

I am not a vet, but I come from a family of vets so that is where I have gotten my information from over the years.

Good luck!!! And keep us posted.
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