Dachshund MASSAGES?!


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So my friend came over with her baby and she was giving the baby a massage as she's supposed to so as a joke I started doing it to my baby Hotdog and he seemed to love it he fell asleep smiled and loved every minute of it (especially when I massaged his little legs), am I crazy for wanting to do this every once in a while lol the new baby loves it too butters lays in front of me in the morning on purpose so ill massage her. Hahahaha I feel crazy for posting this but oh well...


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Definitely not crazy. :) It's good to massage dogs sometimes also. I know a girl who makes a living massageing dogs. :)


DoxieMoxxi, I have taken coursework and have certification in canine and equine massage and acupuncture. The best classes were from the Chi Institute in Reddick, Florida. Chi Institute

The institute is owned and classes are taught by a vet (among other instructors) who also teaches at the University of Florida vet school.

It was terrific and I learned alot. We practiced our techniques on greyhounds and also on the many horses on the farm.

I volunteer at local pet events and give dogs massages!



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I have started to massage Noods because of her front leg that she is limping on. She loves it, she falls alseep and I bet if she could she would purr like a cat!!!