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I noticed some people mentioning it's hard to find jackets to fit Dachshunds. I've added a few custom made jackets to my website. Thought I'd mention it here just incase someone is interested. I've never been able to find a jacket to fit Reggy , so I made him one, then added some to his website :)
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Yes I find it hard to get a perfekt jacket for him. Daches are not like other dogs. I tried to sew a few of my own but the back part goes to one side when he goes to one side or blows up in the wind. I dont know how to solve that problem..
To prevent the coat spinning to 1 side you should try and make the back blanket wide so it wraps around the sides more. A stiffer fabric should help stop it flipping up in the wind. This is a style coat which works well but you have to keep away from too wet weather or modify the chest fabric with wetness in mind Warm winter coat
Thank you very much for the heavy fabric suggestion. I revized some of my pricing. Please let me know if these are acceptable. I've not sold dog coats before and I don't want to over price. :) thank you
I have had good luck with sweaters. I get the ones that are longer on the top to cover Oscars bum and don't have sleeves for the front legs