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Does anyone know much about the genetics of dachshunds? I have studied a bit, but have a few questions about recessive genes. I recently bred my smooth black and tan dapple female to a long hair black male. She had 10 pups of various colors - 2 chocolate dapples both longhair, 1 smooth black and tan dapple, 2 red/white piebalds longhair, 2 smooth dilute reds, 1 chocolate/white piebald longhair, and 2 black smooth coats. The mother is AKC registered, the father is not, although his parents were so the blood lines are pure. All pups are healthy, fat and happy at 7 weeks now. I am just interested to see how we got such a color combination from the parents.
Currently I am studying dachshund genetics, so I absolutely love the fact that you asked this question :)

The dapples obviously came from Mom because dapple is listed as a dominant gene, not recessive.

Both Mom and Dad had to carry for piebald, chocolate, the "e" or recessive (dilute) red gene and Mom also had to carry long hair for you to get long hair pups, since long hair is a recessive gene as well.

Do your piebald pups have any tan points? If they do, Dad had to carry for points because it sounds like Dad and 2 of your pups are solid black.

Red is the most dominant of all the dachshund genes if I understand correctly, so somewhere in Mom and Dad's genetic make up, they have a gene that masks the dominant red gene - thus you ending up with red pies.

I hope that helped a little bit. Sounds like you have an awesome litter of babies! Congrats!
Thanks for the info! I have the grandma of the pups as well, she is a chocolate and tan long hair, the great grandma and great great grandma were both smooth reds but I cannot remember if they were dilute or not (this is all on the dams side). The dams father was also a black and tan dapple smooth coat (I call my girl and her dad silver dapples because they are black and silver, but I have read the correct term is black and tan dapple). I will post some pics of the litter for you to see. The piebalds are mostly white, with a few spots on their back and their head/ears are red. The girls spots are much darker then the boys now, hers are obviously red, the boy has light spots on his back with his head/ears being a little darker.
Puppy pictures.

Here are some pics of the pups, the long hair dilute red (he has gotten a little darker, the piebald boy, the chocolate dapple and black boy. They were a few weeks old here, I have more recent pics but not on the laptop.


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more pics

Here is a picture of the dilute girl, most of the pups sleeping, and a picture of most all of the pups and the grandma.


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Beautiful litter!

Your dilute reds would be classed as chocolate-based ee reds, because they have a pinkish coloured nose. Your pies too would be chocolate based - though I'm thinking that the two little ones in the last photos with Grandma(?) are ee red piebald.

I have a black and tan dapple smooth boy, though a lot of people tell me that he's called a silver dapple...it makes me wonder if the term is just a little easier for people to remember.
Thanks :) Our girl was miserable by the end, she had the pups 4 days early. We hoped for 4 pups, the vet saw 8 in the x-ray, and then she had 10! She has been a great mom to have 10 pups her first litter. I also thought the same thing, chocolate ee reds, for the red pups. The boy is very light, almost blonde when he was born, with white toes, white chest and white tip to his tail, his eyes are also light, maybe blue or green. He has darkened up a little. The girl is all red, with the liver nose, she has tiny eyes so her eye color is hard to determine now. The two pies in the pic with grandma still have slightly pink noses, they are speckled dark and pink. Your pup is beautiful! Our girl has brown eyes, the little one that looks like her also has brown. The two chocolate dapples look like they will have blue eyes. I think silver dapple is easier to remember, it also makes them sound a little fancier then black and tan dapple.

Here is momma, she is a bit thin in this pic as it was taken about a week and half after she had the pups. She is looking better now :)


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:D She is beautiful too! She looks pretty darn good for just having 10 babies in that pic.

Oh, just had a thought...when your "ee" babies go to their new homes, if their new families are thinking of breeding, mention that they could be dapples since "ee" hides any dapple or brindle markings. They don't want to make the mistake of breeding to another dapple and get double dapples.