Dachshund genetics


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Hi, I would like to know what the best website is for Dachshund genetics?
Also, what is a ''brown'' Dachshund? I see brown is not listed as a colour but some people claim their dogs are brown.
Thank you :)
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Do you have a doxie or 2? I hope you can post some pics soon.
Doxies come in a wonderful variety when you consider coat, size, color and pattern. Are you considering breeding?

"Brown" is not a registered color. There is red and chocolate that folks might call brown.


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Hmm, makes it very confusing for people starting out. Would be great if the proper descriptions ie Black and Tan and not simply 'black' etc, were used. It's sometimes difficult to see from photos what the real colour is.


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In Sweden the only allowed colors are:
Black and tan

No other colors are allowed. The wirehaired has one color that is a grey-ish color. Dont know the namne of it in english.


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A great place to start and I know I recommend her site to everyone is eridox.com. Lisa is the one where I learned the majority of my genetic stuff from. There are a couple of other sites, but sadly I don't have them bookmarked on my laptop.

Just be ready to take in ALOT of information...there's the pointed pattern (black and tan/ cream, chocolate and tan/ cream) the dilute colours of blue and isabella, the clear or ee red. Then you have your solid colours and the patterns dapple, brindle, the list goes on and on. But that's just a small taste of the colour end of the genetics. Before considering colour, you should consider temperament and confirmation of a dog - but that's breeder talk and I have a few friends that are breeders so to understand what they are talking about I taught myself the basics, lol

Vizzla, I think the colour/ pattern you are looking for is Wild Boar that only occurs in wires and smooths.


Henry Ford Said: "You can have any color as long as it's black."
I say: "A real Dachshund is red." :D
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