Dachshund attacking new puppy?

Hi! I'm new here, I joined to get advice on one of my dachshunds. I've had my mini dachshund, we'll call her MD, for a few months now. Around a week ago I adopted a regular size dachshund, D, from a family who was moving to a new apartment that didn't allow pets. Before I adopted D I was waiting on another puppy, P, to be old enough to come home.

D growled at MD (and me!) a little when we first met, but after that he's been the sweetest dog. He's very affectionate, and MD is absolutely in love with him. She follows him around everywhere, they play together, cuddle together, etc. He's also affectionate with me and I haven't had any problems with him.

Yesterday I brought home P, a Papillon, and D has been having some problems with him. First, I'd attempted to crate them together because when I did this with MD and D they both had less problems with crating. But D wasn't having it - the minute we left the room we heard him growling and P yelping. D has also tried to snap at P while P was in my arms, and I left them alone for a moment today and heard the growling/yelping again. Right now they are taking turns being out of the crate, but this isn't a long term solution and I really need some guidance as to how to help D and P get along. I would rather not return D as MD and D get along so well - I'd hate to separate them! I'd also rather not return P. Any suggestions? D is neutered and about a year old, MD is five months and P is eight weeks.


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I've only been a dachshund puppy Mum for 18 months so not sure I am the best person to advise on this but here goes...

I bought my first mini dach in June 2010. Mojo is my baby and thinks he is a human! We decided in May 2011 to get him a little playmate. We did our research and they said never get two males as they are hounds and one has to be top dog leading to lots of fights, so we opted for a female. Thats when Peanut joined the family.

Peanuts breeder recommended they be separated for a week to get used to each other! Hubby and I were against this as we wanted them to bond straight away. The first few days were a little stressful watching their every move and for the first two nights Peanut howled and yelped all night - which surprised us as we thought with having another dog to keep her company this wouldn't happen (Mojo did this for the first two nights also when we brought him home).

After a few days they settled down together and have lived together happily now for 7 months. They love snuggling up and playing. Most days they have a little fight which involves lots of growling and them bearing their teeth at each other. They only mouth each other though, never bite. I know they would never hurt each other as they are just playing.

The most important thing to remember is they are hounds and they all have to find the happy balance within your home.

I don't crate my dogs. When I am not in they have the run of the kitchen. This hasn't been without problems as they destroyed two vinyl floors!! We have now tiled the floor :)

Basically give them time and don't give into the yelping.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

Gill x


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I'm no expert either, but I'm wondering though, if D doesn't like P because he's a puppy? 8 week old puppies can be rambunchous, hyper, nippy and a bit pesty to adult dogs, wanting to play and crawl on them and lacking social bounderies ( something they learn as they grow) . Maybe it's just an age thing?


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He is probably beating on the puppy for being a pesty puppy, dogs discipline young dogs and it doesn't look nice but they are not physically causing harm. Puppies will kick a good fuss about it too, but your older dog is letting the new guy know his place which is currently firmly at the bottom.


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It's great that your new puppy has dog friends to play with, and from what i've read it's normal for them to fight while the puppy is in the process of learning his manners. When a puppy is young they bite a lot, it is through playing with other dogs that they learn that biting hurts, and that if you bite no one will play with you. As long as no one get's hurt let them hash it out between themselves. Unfortunately, you can't choose what the pack dynamic will be, only they can do that.

Puppy Socialization Info: Puppy Classes | Dog Star Daily


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Usually when introducing a new dog (or human) I take my dogs into a neutral place, like the lobby of my building. This way the dog who has established the home as "his territory" will not want to drive the new dog out of the area because the existing dog "owns" it.
Try to socialize them outside of the home in a neutral territory like a dog park.

Also, the pup is 8 weeks old, as another poster said, older dogs tend to want to "school" younger dogs. Pups are also extreamly vocal and will often yelp at barely any contact at all.

If you feel like any of your dogs are in danger of hurting them selves or eachother, I would definity suggest taking the time and advice of a professional trainer.

I wish you and your pack the best of luck!! Keep us up to date!!


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Otis was a little over 2 years when I got his little sister Stella at 9 weeks. At first there was alot of growling and he would be down right mean to her. He snapped at her to. Both my dogs are crated when I leave. I put Otis's crate right next to Stellas so they were forced to be together, but he couldnt get to her. I also alternated there crate blankets and toys so they would have to be with each others sent. Stella is now a little over 5 months and 99 percent of the time they are fine, the only issue happens at feeding time, she chows hers down and thinks she should go for his, and he wont have that, so Stella eats in the kitchen and Otis eats in the livingroom, and I position my self between the 2 doors to direct her back in the kitchen till he has finished.