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Coming home


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Jan 11, 2012
Bubbles, Sam, Snoopy
Coming home my dachshunds are always very excited, I never great them or touch them or do anything to make them so excited.

I own 3 dachshunds, the eldest is the mother and she is 11 years and her name is Bubbles. The other two was her first litter that we kept. One female now 10 years and she is Snoopy and one Male named Sam and he is also 10 years.

I started waiting for them to calm down and lie and only then do I open the door, but Snoopy seems to be very excited and struggles to calm.

Is there another way I should do this or is this correct? I only started doing this 5 days ago.
Dogs will feed off of your excited energy, so be calm when leaving or arriving home. If they have learned to be excited when you arrive, changing this behaviour will take some time. Continue to wait for them to calm down before paying any attention to them, over time they should learn that being calm will get them what they want; your attention.
Thank you for the advice wetnosemafia:D

When I was younger I did not really know the correct way of training a dog so I greated the doxies and I can see why it is taking them time to adjsut to the new rules but they will get there and I can see that it improves their behaviour inside the house and they seem to be more calm but they are always excited for food:)
Consistency and time are the only things that'll work. be patient, you're already seeing results, so you should be successful. I turn around and walk right back out :)
I dont get why you´re not suppose to greet your dog when you come home. I dont allow any jumping up on me but Im happy having someone greet me. How would you feel if you got ignored every time you showed happiness?

You dont have to get them more exited by saying hello and pet them and just be happy to see them.
I think the idea is that if they are over excited greeting them only encourages them to continue to behave in a way that is out of control. Ignoring them encourages them to relax, and only paying them attention once they do encourages them to greet you calmly.

I know that when I act excited around Zephyr it stresses her.

I think it's nice to have someone to greet you at the door too! Unlike my cats who only bother with me when they are hungry. ;)
mine are excited when I get home, but they know they dont get out of there crates till the calm down. As soon as I let them out the go nuts again, then I ignore them till they calm down so I can leash them to take them out.