chilling in WI

I just acquired my first Dachshund, Patches and she is special. First off she weighs in at few 2lbs couple oz. She has no knee caps in her back legs, but is as spunky as ever.
I am here to learn all I can about these dachshunds and that i can do for my new little friend.

Awe she's gorgeous! Poor baby! this is what happens when people breed for a certain trait, regardless of health :(

How old is she? Is she going to require surgery?

I'm sure you've heard this already, but she needs to be kept skinny, no matter how much they implore you to feed them more, they cant get overweight, and she's got a double whammy, her little back legs wont be able to carry any extra weight either.

I have 2 deaf and sight impaired little double dapples, one is missing 1/2 a back foot, and skips along without using that foot much... We do water therapy in the bathtub, I fill the tub to where she can barely touch the bottom, then lure her back and forth and into spins across the tub... it's rather funny, but keeps her muscles tuned, and hopefully will prevent arthritis later in life.

Congrats on your new girl, and welcome to you and Patches! (I had a dog named Patches when I was a kid :) )