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How are your daxie/doxie with children?
Isabel loves her little human...look at her smiling!!
Oh my gosh they are too cute!!!!!!^^^^^^

This is my little niece brenda and lily!! They love each other, funny thing is for a while she would call me every day to ask how lily was doing!! Without her mom knowing ( she's 4!!) lol
Bless her thats so sweet and what a cute photo, my little Isabel looks for my son Loki and waits for him to come down stairs to play with her in the mornings. We have only had her two weeks but she loves her little human alot.
Manu loves children too. :) Here's a pic of him with my boy-friend's oldest son. They're best friends. :)


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Mine is very loving and gentle to kids in the family. Other kids she doesn't want anything to do with
Our female had puppies in March and they LOVE their god-brother, they love to play catch me if you can with him :)