Check your Kong toys


I know some of the members on this forum here use Kong toys. I just wanted to pass this along, not saying if they are good or bad toys, just sharing someone else's tragedy in case it might happen again.

Sad News For Dog Who’s Tongue Was Caught in Toy He Was Playing With

By Amanda (1 hour ago) | Animals

Unfortunately, a pup’s favorite toy ended up costing him his life. Maximus was playing with his Kong toy when, according to his owner, Jamie Stumpf, the ball got stuck and suctioned to his tongue.

In a Facebook post, Stumpf writes:

“My Humble Loyal wonderfully loving family pet Maximus is in the fight of his life. His Kong ball got suctioned to his tongue. Causing major damage as you can tell.
I am pleading for your love support and prayers to be sent his way.
If you have one on these balls TAKE IT AWAY!!!!

The Vet hopes the tissue does not die in the amount that would require removal of the tissue. I will not choose to allow a major portion to be taken. It’s not in his best interest. Bill is already $3700
Please PRAY for my Lovely.”

Though he put up a valiant effort, sweet Maximus has passed away.

Image Credit: Facebook

These seemingly harmless toys are proving to be incredibly dangerous, as Maximus is not the first dog who has suffered from the life-threatening effects.

But according to Dog Enthusiast, there are steps you can take to ensure your pup doesn’t end up in the same situation.

“Examine all of your toys that have an opening in one side. These are often “food puzzle” toys or durable plastic toys you stuff with food, but can also include toys that come apart like the tug noted above (this is quite common with aggressive tuggers). If there is only one entry point and no hole anywhere else to safely avoid suction, modify [by drilling a whole in the other end or dispose of the toy immediately.”

Maximus is gone but not forgotten. His owners fondly remember him as a “fearless defender of his pack, best player of fetch… bed buddy, [and] all around great K-9.” RIP Maximus.


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I'd heard that this happened, but never actually read a story about it. This scares me a little bit, but I would choose to just drill a hole in the other end. Maybe if this is shared enough Kong will change their toys.