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Charlee says hi!


New Member
Sep 24, 2010
Hi, my name is danielle and I am the proud parent of a tenacious, sweet, 4 year old chocolate colored smooth dachshund named Charlotte. She's pretty much the coolest, when she's not barking at like, everything...even still, I think it's funny.

She's my best friend, and I hope I found a place to hang out online where people understand how cuckoo I am for my furry little companion.

I understand what you mean by cuckoo. lol, we are cuckoo over our two boys. they are both standard size, smooth reds. One is actually considered a Sable and the other looks like a strawberry blonde. both were rescues. we absolutely adore them, even when they are tearing things up.
Awwww. What are their names? Any pics? Charlee is right here...never mind, I can't post a picture of her from my hard drive?
Hi, Charlotte sounds adorable look forward to seeing pics x