Challenge: Doxie Doesn't Mind Going Potty in Her Crate


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New to this forum, so be patient. :) We recently adopted a 3-year old female long-haired dachshund [mix, though you can't tell]. She's great, but we are working with one problem, namely, trying to potty-train her when she doesn't have any compunction about peeing or pooping in her crate, PERHAPS because of her being contained in a cage for long periods of time in her past life {which we know nothing about since she was a stray.) So that's part of the problem using conventional crate-training methods. At first she loved her crate whenever we were in the room, but once she was put in there when we left the house for awhile [an hour or so, no more], she has resisted going in there [no fool she!]. So we feel we are working at cross-purposes/agendas here, namely, trying to get her to see her crate as a safe, o.k. place while at the same time using it to confine her against her will when, well, she needs to be [at this point] confined [such as when we go to bed or leave the house]. Has anyone dealt with a doxie who DOESN'T mind doing her business {albeit in the corner; she's never gotten any pee or poop actually ON her, which suggests she has SOME positive feelings about the crate.]? Thanks for your help.


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Hello and Yep! My Jasper has no qualms whatsoever about pottying and laying down right there thankyouverymuch lol. He and his litter along with his mom were part of a big puppy mill rescue, and since he was nursing I believe the foster mom probably had to crate him with mom and that may be why he is accustom to it. I can't give him beds or blankets at all anymore since he will purposely wet them. I don't know much about making the crate a happy place since he already wants to be in his (if it's open, it's his hide from the world place) but I can go another route and say is there anywhere else you can keep her when you can't be with her? Such as a laundry room or gated kitchen? If you could, then you could have the crate in there OPEN, with maybe some toys in it, a special blanket..etc..things she likes. That way she could access the crate but not be stuck in it, and be able to get out to relieve herself on puppy pads if you can't get someone to take her out? That's the only thing that stopped my guy from pottying in his crate.


Agree with JPsMUM if the crate has been used as a punishment in the past she probably has a fear of being shut in that causes the anxiety that makes her "go".

A lot of people leave their dogs shut in crates these days but I am sorry I just don't get it, we have spent years trying to campaign against animals in zoos being confined in small cages and now we are doing exactly the same with our pets.

Sorry I do not mean any offense but as you can see I am quite passionate about this. To be a happy / healthy well adjusted animal you need food, love and freedom of movement. I know I wouldn't like to be shut in a cage, even for an hour!

Try leaving the cage in a safe room kitchen or bathroom? with the door open and a puppy pad near the door, You can also leave toys / chews to occupy her.