CDA at 4 months old?


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Hello! Newbie here. We purchased a “blue and tan” with silver dapple puppy from a registered AKC breeder in Utah. When we first brought him home everything was great. Now he itches morning, noon and night and after some research and talking to some awesome breeders we fear he has CDA. My question is what are some treatments and also why in the F would a responsible breeder breed two dogs that could pass this down? If he does have it we will be pretty devastated. And also pretty angry. He of course said “oh it’s just a possibility” and wasn’t too concerned.



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I don't think there is a definitive treatment for CDA. You said that your boy is a blue and tan. Blue is considered a "dilute color" and dilute colors in dachshunds are genetically susceptible to CDA. I am so sorry this happened to your boy.