Cat - ear mites/bald spot

Marshmellow Fairy

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Hi, my cat has brown dots in his ear and I think they are earmites, I have been applying medicine, Kays earmite-icide. As a result, in my opinion, he also has a bald spot behind that ear. The problem is his ear has grown cocked, like a cleft ear, it is bent downwards at an angle, and I am uncertain he is getting the medicine all the way in there. Does anyone have any suggestions? I do not want to use q-tips because that ear seems to be sensitive to him and the packaging warns against sticking q-tips Down into the ear.

Anything helps, thanks.


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I agree with Don on this one.

Most of the over the counter medications you can buy for your pet ie - flea/ tick, de-wormers, ear mite medications can cause serious harm to your pet. Ear mite treatment can be lengthy because an animal's ear is shaped different than ours. It is also possible for your dog to get them from your cat, so I would definitely make an appointment to see your vet on this one.