Casting Dachshunds- Nationwide!


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Hello friends of Dachshunds!
My name is Amy, I am producer for Nickelodeon. This is going to seem like a strange request but I am trying to set up "wiener race" for an upcoming children's show. I have found that various dachshund races take place around the country and are very popular at Oktoberfests. Anywho- I am looking for a real life "racing wienie champion" who has competed in the past.
I am having a hard time finding the contact information for past winners. This family would also need to have a kid in the family who can represent the dog on the show. ( as it is a show for children)
If you know of anyone a family that has a quick little dachsy, and a charismatic kid, please email Amy at FigureItOutCastingKids(@)