Car Sickness


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Stella my 12 week old is having some issues with car sickness. The weird thing is it usually happens when the car stops. She thru up as soon as the car stopped the day I brought her home, she thru up on my sister the day she went there as soon as the car stopped. I took her with me to my moms for the weekend and on the way there I had to stop at the store to run in and grab milk, when I got out to the car my mom informed me she threw up. And just now on the way home she pooped in her crate, That I believe could off been prevented, I put her right in the carrier after I woke her up instead of taking her out to potty. I put her in a cat carrier with a towel, and I cover it all except the front with a blanket, and I put the cat carrier in the middle of the back seat. Is there anything that will help with the car sickness, I hope there is something I can do, My other dog Otis loves to ride, and we go alot of places. Any Ideas what to do