Question Can two Black and Tan dachshunds make a blue dilute?


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So, I recently purchased our new baby Penny. She is a blue and tan pup. Her mom is a short haired Black and Tan and dad long hair Black and Tan. What are the possibilities of her having CDA? Thank you


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Hi Penny,
CDA is heredity. Many breeders don't breed dilutes; rather, the breed parents who carry the dilute gene. This gives the perception that the dilute is less likely to develop CDA. I've got an isabella, and several other doxies. Her dad was a chocolate dapple long-hair, and mom was a black-and-tan. She, unfortunately, has CDA, but we manage it well with out drugs. Your pup may or may not have it. I've seen a number of blues and isabellas, and you can actually tell, as they begin showing signs very early on, even though the condition doen't fully reveal itself until later. If, as a pup, you notice, tiny spots of missing hair on her back, near her rump, or on her head, it's likely that CDA will develop. Feed your girl a high quality food, and if you absolutely have to feed kibble, feed high quality (Open Farm, ND). We feed our girl raw dehidraded (Primal, Turkey and Sardines). We also supplement with fresh sardines in water regularly. The CDA therapy consists of Apple Cidar Vinegar, Melatonin, and non beta carotene vitaman A. Vets have meds, but seek out a holistic vet if you have one in your area. You can find the info about CDA. Hope your baby has a long and healthy live. therapy here: