Can my daschie live in peace with the cats?


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I've had the cats for a couple of months now, and just don't feel like I'm making any progress with Cricket. :( When I first got them, he wanted to chase, which he no longer does. However, when either one of the cats approach him, specifically if he's lying down or in my lap, he will snarl and nip at them. They also make him nervous if they simply approach him in general, but his reaction isn't as negative. I feel like I must add that the cats are not being mean or swatting, typically they are just walking by or trying to get closer to me. I never leave him alone with the cats for even a minute. People think I'm paranoid, but I know how quickly things can go wrong. I was just hoping to have more progress by now. Have any of you faced challenges with dachshunds and cats? What did you do about it?

Also, a friend and I are planning on getting an apartment together. I was planning on taking the cats first and getting them settled, then bringing Cricket in. Do you think it will help if he's brought into "their territory" rather than vice versa? And any tips for familiarizing him with another dog? My friend has a dog as well, and we want them comfortable together before we move in.
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I think you have a great idea by moving the cats first. I have seen many pictures of Doxies and Cats sleeping side by side on Instagram. Maybe I read to quickly, but I am assuming you got the cats after the Doxie. If so, he is keeping his status as alpha for sure. I'm not sure how to go about it, but I think you're thinking along the right track regarding your move. If I find any articles regarding your situation, I'll be glad to post a link here for you. Good luck.


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My thoughts on this is:

1. A dog that is satisfied with a lot of exercise and mind games are less bored (and starts geting after the cats)

2. A dachshund is a hunter, if you for exampel let the dog do bloodtracking it will often calm the hunting side down. His need is already filled with the bloodtracking. Maybe nosework will do it too.

3. Space. If there is enough room for the cats and the dog they will not be "up eachothers face". Its individual how much space they need.

4. If the cats has a high pole or clawing furniture to jump on to the dog will never catch them. Cats are usually faster. If you leave them alone.

Good luck.