Blue dapple-black dapple

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I'm a little confused.My club works under FCI,so we don't have many colors you guys do.Now I'm confused about the blue dapple.Is that the same black dapple?I was trying to look up for pictures in google,but there came up the same pictures that came up for black dapple
For example female from my first litter

We call this color black dapple&tan, but now I'm confused that maybe she is blue dapple,since I don't see the difference in pictures that came up after writing "blue dapple" :D
I understand blue is diluted color, so technically nothing in my litter couldn't have been "diluted" since parents were black&tan and chocolate dapple&tan


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A blue dachshund has 2 dilute genes so all the black is turned to dark grey. This includes the nose, nails, rims around the eyes. There's no black at all.

If you google blue tan dachshund you'll see lots of images come up.

I tried googling blue tan dapple dachshund and everything with the kitchen sink comes up. lol