Blue Buffalo or Wellness?


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These are the two foods I've considered, due to a few factors. I'm having a hard time choosing between the two. I'm slightly leaning towards Wellness, because it has more meat content. Any advice/suggestions? Thanks!


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Dog Food Analysis - Reviews of kibble

Try this website. Just type the name of the food into the search bar and it will come up with the star rating and other info for each. If I remember correctly there are several different kinds of each brand - from grain free foods (less chances of food allergies) to ones that contain some kind of grain in them.

I feed my guys - including my 7 month old dachsie pup - Nature's Variety Instinct. There's 3 variations and lots of options meat wise (vension and lamb being 2) of it, dry, canned and raw. It's formulated to be a rotation diet so that the dog isn't eating the same thing every day. I have no problems getting them to eat (small dogs of any breed can be picky) now. I ask them if they want supper and they beat me to the kitchen and wait patiently for me to get their supper.

I think the main thing for me when I used to choose foods for my guys was whether or not they would eat it...but you don't want to change foods drastically because it will upset the pup's tummy. I know I wasn't much help with this, but I'm slowly moving toward feeding my guys more of a raw diet - I'm seeing some wonderful results with them just being on the rotation diet already - and lots of people have mixed reviews about raw feeding.

Good luck!


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I have feed mine both but have stuck with Blue Buffalo Turkey & Potato because the local store doesn't carry the Wellness sensitive stomach formula.

My terrier Frazer easily gets an upset stomach and the Turkey & Potato and Salmon & Potato have both been good for his stomach. Both Oscar and Frazer seem to like the turkey flavor the best so that is what I get.

Both brands get top ratings so I can't see you going wrong with either.


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I've fed Blu Wilderness (Blue Buffalo's grain-free line) My dogs like it. I also feed Blue's Stew now and then as a canned food too. I've never fed wellness.


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Leo was on Orijin but he had a hard time holding weight, we switched to Acana and he is doing great


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I use Lilys Kitchen which has cured Bernie's bald ears :), he came from the breeder on Canin


Ive read feeding multiple brands at the same time is a great way to get them the best of both worlds. I used to give mine blue buffalo and a dachshund specific hip and joint food. Now i just give him hip and joint supplaments. Figure better try something to keep his back healthy before theres an issue